Preparing a grant proposal can be a ton of work. You’re likely to be competing against strong government committees. It is built into their jobs and they’re likely getting paid for working on it!  Let college students help you.

If you want to get a lot of work done per unit of time, it’s smart to bring more hands-on board. The hands you need might be as close as your local university.

Contact your local college. Ask them if they need any projects for their students.

  • It could be a great class or independent study project for some real experience. Offer to supervise the students and provide an evaluation.


Contact the school’s business and accounting departments.

  • They might be thrilled to have the students assist with developing a budget. The business and government students might like the challenge of drumming up community support.


Offer to make a small donation.

  • A very small donation might buy a surprising amount of help.


Offer to feed them occasionally.

  • Students are drawn to free food like a moth to a flame.
    The promise of an occasional pizza might be all you need.


Hang your own flyers around school.

  • If you have a good cause, you’ll find students willing to participate.


You might be able to get all the help you need for your grant proposal at your local college. Not only is the help likely to be free, but you’ll also be able to show that you have support in the community for your idea. Contact your local college and get busy.