It is important for businesses to add value to their company by providing additional services or products.

Here are some ideas for add-ons and giveaways.

  • Free teleclasses for clients weekly or monthly
  • Detailed welcome packet with articles, reading lists and other resources
  • Library of materials for clients
  • 30-minutes free session for client associates
  • Access to all seminars at no cost
  • Exclusive one-hour orientation for beginners
  • 800 or international number for clients who travel
  • Superior referrals for assistants, tax help, etc.
  • Write a book and give it away to new clients
  • Invest in marketing items of value (journals, organizers, subscriptions to industry-related magazines, etc.)
  • Copies of relevant articles in their field of interest
  • Reading list of books and websites of interest
  • Gift cards (Starbucks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)