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Sometimes the hardest part of building a website is getting started

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We are on a mission to help nonprofits, churches, small businesses, and community organizations develop an online presence to serve their communities and the world

We Support Small Business Because
We Are Small Business!

Universal One Publishing provides consulting and website services at low cost in order to be a blessing to the communities we serve.  Our profits help to fund social goals, such as housing, education, and missions.  We are a team of skilled project managers, web designers, developers, and consultants.

We are WordPress experts and GoDaddy Pro partners which means you have the most expansive website support team in the country at your service.  We partner with the community in supporting the need for technological development and then provide the tools and resources to assist and educate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. We are a team of skilled web designers and developers.   We’ve been building websites for more than twenty years. WordPress is the website tool of choice for many Fortune 500 companies and when creating custom websites we use the WordPress platform.  Our Core and Deluxe websites are built on the WordPress platform.  Our $50 Starter websites are built on the Website Builder platform.  When you’re choosing which type of website to build, know that you can upgrade later and build a bigger website that meets the growth of your business.
Absolutely. Website maintenance, which includes monitoring and content updates, is included in the Core and Deluxe packages. The Starter package has hosting-only plans but you can upgrade to include a maintenance plan.  We will check your website on a recurring monthly basis for issues and also provide regular updates to keep your website fresh. You can upgrade to include a larger maintenance package.
Yes, we do. Complete the Website Request form, upload all content and images, and we will build you a standard custom website using the information you submit. You will pay $9.99 per month for hosting.
We like helping people. We recognize that it’s not always easy to use the website builders that are on the market. Sometimes the websites do not turn out as you expect. Sometimes you get hit with added costs. We just want to help you over that hurdle. Large corporations have no problem spending lots of money to have a custom website built, but small businesses, nonprofits, community groups, churches, private school programs, and individuals can not always afford to pay the cost of a new website. That is why we build inexpensive websites and teach people how to maintain their own websites. Our goal is to teach skills that empower people to be self-sufficient. We also have low-cost website maintenance packages if you want us to make your monthly updates.
We will use the PayPal Buy Now button if you have a few simple products that do not have options (i.e. – size, color, etc.) or require inventory, shipping, and tax configurations.
If you have products that require configurations, the $50 Starter website can be upgraded to include an online store. The cost of the website upgrade is $95 ($145 total) and the monthly hosting is $29.99. You will gain the ability to have a shopping cart where you can sell physical and digital products, set flexible shipping options, give discounts and promotions, manage inventory, and accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and more.
We will help you with the next steps.
  1. We will send you details on how to access your portal.
  2. Pay the hosting fee of $9.99 to keep your website live on the internet.
  3. If you would like us to show you how to manage your website, schedule your training within 14 days to get it free.
  4. If you want us to make updates to your website, purchase one of our low-cost website maintenance packages.
Not a problem. We enjoy helping people and we happily provide free 30-minute training classes with the Starter website packages. We also offer hourly training classes and four-hour training days. A website trainer will meet with you on a video call to walk you through the different parts of your website. They will teach you how to make updates, create new pages, add images, and more. They will also show you how to access your portal. This is your time and we will address any questions you may have. If time permits, the website trainer can make updates to your website on the spot. Choose the 1-hour Website Training session or the 4-hour Website Training Day. Schedule your training.
The Free Website package was our 2022 promotion. It expired on December 31, 2022.
  1. Complete and submit the Website Request form along with the images and content you would like to appear on your website.
  2. We will build your website within 2-5 business days, and then send you a link with details on how to access your portal.
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