Our business model is simple...help people build websites and help organizations improve processes!


Help thousands of people, churches, nonprofits, community organizations, and small businesses build their online presence to serve their communities.


Reach people with personalized support and consulting services. Provide friendly assistance and build strong relationships through community involvement.


Help improve society.  Reinvest in our communities to fund education, housing, employment, missions, and economic empowerment.

Family-owned, female-owned, minority-owned business
providing personalized attention and support

We're Universal One

Who We Are

Universal One Publishing, LLC (UOP) is a small business that began operations in 1996 as a technology consulting resource for nonprofits, churches, small businesses, and organizations that help disadvantaged children and adults. In 2018, we began to see the difficulties many people were having while attempting to build websites.  We started teaching website education which led to our new 2022 business model of building and teaching website independence.  The focus of UOP remains consistent with the desire to provide quality services, personalized attention, and lifelong relationships.

What We Do

We provide consulting and website services at low cost to be a blessing to the communities we serve.  Our profits help to fund social goals, such as housing, education, and missions.  We are a team of skilled project managers, web designers, developers, and consultants.  We recognize that even with the vast number of website builders on the market, it is not always easy to get a website published the way you want.  We address this issue by building low-cost websites for organizations that are trying to make a positive impact in our communities.  When building these sites, we utilize web tools and templates that are easy to navigate, then we teach our clients how to maintain their own websites.  Our goal is to teach skills that empower people to be self-sufficient.

We will use our resources to build low-cost websites to get you going.  Of course, if you need additional support, we are here for you.  We also custom-build, assist with updates, teach website skills, and provide services in project management and process improvement.  We are consultants that use project management structures to assist in improving your business processes.

We are socially responsible, striving to positively impact communities of people.

We are GoDaddy Pro partners which means you have the most expansive website support team in the country at your service.  We partner with the community in supporting the need for technological development, then provide the tools and resources to assist and educate. We apply new ideas and services in a professional and friendly manner.

We are on a mission to help thousands of nonprofits, churches, small businesses, and community organizations develop an online presence to serve their communities and the world

About me

Building relationships is the fundamental core of my career and lifestyle.

Hello!  I’m Leah Arnold, the owner and principal consultant at Universal One Publishing.  I enjoy meeting people and engaging in amazing stories. My education and skillset are in information technology (IT), business, consulting, and coaching.  For more than twenty years, I have used these skills to assist individuals, churches, ministries, nonprofits, and small businesses with their technological needs. I started this company, not for monetary reasons, but to bless others. I work with a team of individuals who share the same beliefs. Our goal is to help people be successful in whatever God would have them to do.

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.   Proverbs 16:3

Leah Arnold, CEO


Our profits help to fund social programs and ministries: