Like many job seekers, you may think that looking good on paper is all it takes to get hired, especially with Internet applications becoming the norm.

The way you present yourself to potential employers when you meet them largely affects whether or not you get the job.  Yes, a firm handshake is necessary, but it’s only a start. To ensure career success, you must dress the part of the professional you are.

Follow these steps to dress for the interview and beyond:

  1. Modesty is the key. While it may be okay to wear a low-cut V-neck to a night out on the town, it’s far from appropriate attire for the office. Practice modesty. You’ll impress your potential employer and ensure that they feel comfortable interviewing you.
  • Refrain from wearing anything too low-cut or too tight. Your skirt should hit your knee. It’s okay to wear a skirt without stockings, but it’s wise to cover up.


  1. When in doubt, overdress. If your coworkers wear casual attire, that’s their choice. However, it’s likely holding them back from advancing further or receiving promotions. Stand out in a good way by overdressing for the job. If possible, take note of what management wears and try to style your clothing according to their formality.
  • If you look assertive and professional, you’ll be treated as such. If your attire is on par with that of the higher-ups in the company, they’re more likely to think highly of you. In turn, you’ll be in a favorable position for a promotion.
  • Of course, a professional is only part of the equation. Ensure that both the quality of your work and your appearance are excellent to fast-track your career.


  1. Wear the right shoes. Appropriate shoes for work are different than ones you’d wear to a night on the town.
  • For women, avoid heels that go over the 5″ mark in office environments.
  • Solid colors are standard. Avoid patterned, glittery shoes with all of the bells and whistles. As with any other attire, conservative is best.


  1. Proper grooming. When entering a professional workplace, you must look like a professional. Therefore, your hair should be tamed, your fingernails should be clean and well-groomed, and your body odor should be under control.


If you want the management in your company to take you seriously, your attire must show them you’re skilled enough to eventually be in their shoes. When in doubt, overdress and dress conservatively. When your dress is appropriate and your work is top-notch, you’re sure to get noticed at the office for all the right reasons.